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More Media Coverage on St. Louis Community College

FIRE’s ongoing battle at St. Louis Community College at Meramec (STLCC) is generating plenty of press coverage. The latest is an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch covering recent developments in the case.

As detailed in FIRE’s press release, STLCC decided to drop the charges initially faced by student Jun Xiao, including “hazing” and “disorderly conduct.” These charges stemmed from e-mails Xiao sent to his classmates about withdrawing from an organic chemistry course and retaking it with a different professor. However, STLCC has not overturned Xiao’s punishment―he is still on disciplinary probation.

How is that possible? STLCC has trumped up new allegations against Xiao, including, most incredibly, one that Xiao allegedly asked too many questions in class. The Post-Dispatch article includes Xiao’s reaction, which shows that he is as surprised as anyone in his position would be:

“What is the definition of too many?” he asked. “Is it one question? Two questions?”

He said sometimes he did not ask any questions, while other times he recalls asking a couple of questions. “Asking questions is a normal academic behavior,” he added.

One would think so—and yet here we are, facing these new developments at STLCC. Stay tuned to the Torch for more updates on this incredible case.

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