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MSNBC Covers ‘Hot for Teacher’ Case

FIRE's case at Oakland University, which suspended a student who wrote about his attraction to his professors in his writing journal, has lit up the airwaves all over Metro Detroit. It even has started to hit music sites such as the Van Halen News Desk, since the student's essay was titled "Hot for Teacher," the name of a 1980s Van Halen song.

Now MSNBC has posted about the case as well, picking up an article from The student in the case, Joseph Corlett, says: "It's an encroachment on the Bill of Rights by our own government. ... My wife is behind me 100 percent."

FIRE has learned that Corlett is going on MSNBC around 2:30 pm today (we don't know if it will be live or recorded), but you might want to turn on your television if you want to see and hear from the person at the center of FIRE's latest case.

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