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Must Be an Election Year: Censorship of Political Speech on Campus Continues

I have a new entry up over at The Huffington Post detailing the myriad instances of censorship of political speech we've already seen on campuses this election year and taking a shot at explaining the misguided motivation of the universities and colleges shutting down political speech. Here's a quick excerpt:  

You may be wondering why exactly universities try so hard to tamp down on election-related speech. What gives? Well, a big part of the answer is that many universities are worried about running into trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, which prohibits 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations from engaging in political activity. Adopting a hyper-risk-averse posture, universities crack down on student and faculty political speech, worried that if they don't, they'll violate IRS regulations or other applicable law. 

This fear is misplaced. As FIRE points out in our Policy Statement on Political Activity on Campus, student and faculty political speech isn't generally attributable to the university.  

Please check out the full piece!

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