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NBC on Yale 'Sissies' Censorship Controversy

A Connecticut affiliate of NBC has covered FIRE's case at Yale University, in which President Richard C. Levin recently expressed "regret" for the role of a dean in the withdrawal of a T-shirt design that quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald in calling Harvard students "sissies." We explained the case earlier today.
The article quotes from FIRE's letter to President Levin:

[I]n December, Adam Kissel of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Educationand a Harvard mansent University president, Richard Levin, a letter saying Yale College Dean Mary Miller acted inappropriately by ruling the shirt unacceptable.

"It is not a happy day when a Yale College dean with degrees from Yale and Princeton, an historian of art, declares that T-shirts quoting Fitzgerald are 'not acceptable,'" Kissel wrote. "In matters large and small, Yale has taken steps that erode the freedom it once championed, teaching its students that the authorities ultimately decide which expressions are acceptable or unacceptable."

Thanks to NBC for covering the case.

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