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New Features and T-Shirt Contest on the CFN Website

We are happy to announce that we have made some important additions to the CFN website that should be a big help to our members. For students looking to actively and effectively reform their campuses, we have updated our activism section to include new "activism tips." It includes case studies of successful campus reformers including Braum Katz of The College of William and Mary and Allison Jaynes of the University of North CarolinaGreensboro. These two students worked to reform their campuses in very different ways and their stories highlight the myriad ways that CFN members can work for liberty on their campuses. We will be continually updating this section as more and more of our students take on the mantle of campus reform.

For students who host a FIRE speaker, we've added tips on hosting a successful event, covering the entire process from the early stages of planning through execution. We also provide sample press releases and examples of the customizable flyers we provide to students who plan a FIRE lecture.

Students interested in making the case against their university's speech codes or otherwise highlighting the importance of free speech through op-eds in the school paper will find our section on op-ed tips helpful.

We've updated the speakers page to include a list of lecture topics. This will help members decide which angle FIRE speakers should take when coming to their campus to have the most impact.

Students interested in further displaying their dedication to liberty should check out the FIRE computer desktop wallpapers on the CFN wallpaper page.

These additions should help facilitate the activity of our CFN members and make their efforts to advocate for individual rights on campus all the more effective.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to announce a new opportunity to earn points through the CFN incentive program. Every CFN member receives a free FIRE t-shirt just for signing up for the CFN. Any member who sends us a picture wearing their t-shirt will receive five points in the CFN incentive program and have the chance to have his or her picture posted on the CFN multimedia page. We encourage students to take their picture in a special place on campus or in a location that is important to them and highlights their individuality.

Students interested in taking advantage of these opportunities should register for the CFN here.

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