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New ‘FIRE Quarterly’ Available

Spring is here, and so is our latest edition of The FIRE Quarterly! This newest issue focuses on highlighting the many FIRE victories that were achieved in recent months, including our cases at Valdosta State University, St. Louis Community College, University of Virginia, University of California, San Diego, University of Utah, Montclair State University, Florida State University, and Central Washington University.

In fact, FIRE's work has been so effective lately that Greg's new column in the Quarterly detailed this "Season of Victories" for our readers. But, as Greg pointed out, even with our growing accomplishments, FIRE's work is far from complete:

[A]ll of these cases teach us that we must continue to expand our efforts to inform students and administrators about basic rights on campus. Abuses like those at Brandeis, IUPUI, and Delaware never should have happened in the first place. If administrators and students had been educated in the philosophy of liberty and taught the difference between protected speech and harassment, some of these shameful wrongs would have never taken place.

FIRE's achievements provide us with more opportunities to continue with our defense of and education on individual rights on campuses. For more on the continued successes and campaigns of FIRE, check out The FIRE Quarterly, available here.

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