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New Look, Same Mission: FIRE’s New Website and Logo!

2014 marks FIRE’s 15th anniversary, and we’re celebrating the occasion by unveiling a new website and a new logo! While FIRE’s commitment to defending individual rights on our nation’s college and university campuses will never change, we’ve spent the last few months working on a brand new website to more effectively reach the next generation of college students.

While our new website looks different, we’ve made sure not to lose any of the functionality of the old website. If it was on our old site, it’s on the new site, too—and hopefully even easier to find and use. Our goal in the redesign was to make it simpler and more intuitive for students to find out more about what FIRE does, learn about our issues, and feel comfortable contacting us if they have a problem.

We’re particularly excited that our new website is mobile-ready. The new site may be easily viewed as a whole on any device—whether computer, tablet, or smartphone. Wherever you are, you’ll have FIRE’s expertise, assistance, and commentary at your fingertips.

The website isn’t the only thing that’s new around here. We’ve also updated FIRE’s logo to a fresh, bold look, tailor-made for standing out on campuses nationwide. I’m happy to report that it looks great on a t-shirt.

Speaking of standing out on campus, we’re proud to announce that FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network is now the FIRE Student Network, a change that emphasizes our goal of working closely with students to enact positive and lasting reform in favor of free speech, religious liberty, due process, freedom of conscience, academic freedom, and legal equality on their campuses.

Completely overhauling any site as large as ours brings with it the certainty that bugs will slip through that we haven’t detected. If you catch one, please email and let us know about it.

Thanks for being part of the new FIRE presence on the Web!

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