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As you might imagine, FIRE's staff reads and discusses much more content than what makes it to The Torch. We scour the web every day for relevant news, op-eds, letters to the editor, blog posts, and so on. This keeps us informed about the trends in censorship, expression, due process, and other issues involving individual rights on our nation's campuses. FIRE has used this strategy since our inception 10 years agoit's our job to be the national leader on these issues.

In 2004, we launched The Torch to share our insights and information with the general public, and we have posted thousands of articles since then. Many of them are lengthy, in-depth treatments of campus issues with a level of analysis that I dare say you will find nowhere else.

Since 2004, however, FIRE has grown, and we would like to offer even more. Therefore, in the interest of bringing Torch readers more timely news about what's happening on our campuses, today we will begin posting very short blog entries on occasion, with links pointing to items that FIRE believes are of interest. Most of these links will include minimal commentary, and are simply for your information and independent judgment. As with any external link, FIRE doesn't agree with, endorse, or vouch for any articles to which we link unless we say so.

We hope you enjoy the new links!

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