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We mentioned last week here on The Torch that Northern Kentucky University (NKU) had revised its free expression policies at the behest of committed students like Alex Kindell. Alex played a crucial role in organizing NKU students, raising awareness about the importance of free expression on campus, and galvanizing student support.
Since Alex’s experience is exactly the kind of change we’d like FIRE’s recently launched Campus Freedom Network (CFN) to help students recreate at universities across the country, we thought it would be appropriate to ask her for her thoughts after the stunning success she helped bring about at NKU.
Alex writes:

It was a pretty amazing venture to undertake, and though the speech policy itself was a process to get from having a ‘free expression zone’ to what it is now, it has been worth it to go through all the steps. I never thought I’d be working with the people I am to have gotten it this far, but the school is definitely better for it, and the students are more aware of the issues of the first amendment, and free speech than they ever have been.

I am very proud of the way NKU has turned out, and definitely hope that the success we have had at my university inspires others to push for more freedoms at their own. If it had not been for FIRE’s website and reading about similar speech codes being overturned, and having Greg Lukianoff calling me back at 3 a.m. (my time) over a year ago telling me not to give up, it is doubtful I would have known where to start. I owe FIRE a lot, and so does Northern Kentucky University, whether or not it knows it.

I did sign up for the Campus Freedom Network, and definitely keep me informed with anything else you think I could help out on! I want to be able to keep a dialogue going on my campus, so any suggestions you have towards making that happen would be great! Thank you so much for all of your help, I would not have been able to do it without FIRE!

Thanks Alex! We’re all proud of you here at FIRE.
If you’re a college student or faculty member interested in achieving similar victories for individual rights at your school or learning more about the CFN, drop us a line! We’re here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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