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'Normal Circumstances' at Syracuse?

As you may know by now, Syracuse University College of Law (SUCOL) is asking the law school's judicial system to issue a "protective order" (read: gag order) that would severely hamper Len Audaer's efforts to bring public attention to SUCOL's ongoing investigation of his protected expression. 

In documents filed yesterday, faculty "prosecutor" Gregory Germain sheds some additional light on his reasons for seeking the order, namely:

The [SUCOL student conduct] Code did not envision a charged student seeking public attention for the proceedings. The Code was designed to protect the privacy rights of charged students, who in normal circumstances would not want the allegations and charges to be publicly known for fear that the information would harm their own reputation. [Emphasis added.]

If "normal circumstances" at SUCOL include being threatened with unspecified, "extremely serious" charges for protected expression and being dragged through a protracted investigation with no idea of who even accused you of wrongdoing, that is a sad state of affairs indeed. If I were in Len Audaer's situation, I sure as hell would want the public to know what my university was trying to do to me, and SUCOL's efforts to keep a lid on its shameful treatment of Audaer only make the law school look worse than it already does here.

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