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Jason Antebi, the former Occidental College student who is suing his alma mater for millions of dollars for unjustly convicting him of sexual harassment and running a shameful smear campaign against him, has posted the complaint in his case on his website. You can read it in PDF or in Word format. Take a look at the complaint for yourself, or read about it on FIRE’s website, and you will see the depths to which Occidental has sunk in order to defend its abuse of power over its students. In addition, the suit is starting to attract wider attention, with these articles in the Pasadena Star News  and the Agape Press. As more and more people realize the extent of the problem here, we can expect that more attention will be paid to the case and that other schools will get the message that Occidental’s pattern of abuse is not a model to be followed, but rather a hazard to be avoided.

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