2023-24 Supreme Court Preview

So to Speak: The Free Speech PodcastEp. 198
2023-24 Supreme Court Preview

2023-24 Supreme Court Preview

The Supreme Court handed down some big First Amendment victories last term. What lies ahead for the Court in the upcoming term? FIRE Chief Counsel Robert Corn-Revere and FIRE General Counsel Ronnie London join the show to discuss important First Amendment cases that will be heard during the Court's 2023-24 session.


0:00 - Introduction

1:47 - Murthy v. Missouri (government jawboning)

14:40 - NRA v. Vullo (government jawboning)

25:49 - NetChoice cases (social media regulation)

46:39 - Social media blocking cases

56:15 - Vidal v. Elster (trademark registration)

1:05:17 - Gonzalez v. Trevino (First Amendment retaliation)

Show Transcript:


Cases Discussed:

Murthy v. Missouri (government jawboning)

NetChoice, LLC v. Paxton (social media regulation)

Moody v. NetChoice, LLC (social media regulation)

O'Connor-Ratcliff v. Garnier (social media blocking)

Lindke v. Freed (social media blocking)

Vidal v. Elster (trademark registration)

Gonzalez v. Trevino (First Amendment retaliation)

Nat'l. Rifle Ass'n. of Am. v. Vullo (government jawboning)

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