Campus unrest - live webinar

So to Speak: The Free Speech PodcastEp. 213
Ep 213: Campus unrest - live webinar

Campus unrest - live webinar

Host Nico Perrino joins his FIRE colleagues Will Creeley and Alex Morey to answer questions about the recent campus unrest and its First Amendment implications.


0:00 Introduction

0:41 What is FIRE?/campus unrest

5:44 What are the basic First Amendment principles for campus protest?

11:30 Student encampments

18:09 Exceptions to the First Amendment

29:01 Can administrators limit access to non-students/faculty?

34:13 Denying recognition to Students for Justice in Palestine

36:26 Were protesters at UT Austin doing anything illegal?

40:54 The USC valedictorian

45:09 What does "objectively offensive" mean? / Does Davis apply to colleges?

46:55 Is it illegal to protest too loudly?

50:03 What options do colleges have to moderate/address hate speech?

54:20 Does calling for genocide constitute bullying/harassment?

59:09 Wrapping up on the situation

Show Notes

"USC canceling valedictorian's commencement speech looks like calculated censorship," Alex Morey

"Emerson College: Conservative Student Group Investigated for Distributing 'China Kinda Sus' Stickers," FIRE's case files

"HATE: Why We Should Resist it With Free Speech, Not Censorship," Nadine Strossen

"Defending My Enemy: American Nazis, the Skokie Case, and the Risks of Freedom," Aryeh Neier (pdf)

"David Goldberger, lead attorney in 'the Skokie case,'" "So to Speak" Ep. 118


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