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Press Continues to Cover Gettysburg Policy Change

Gettysburg College’s long-overdue decision to revise its sexual misconduct policy continues to garner media attention. Today, The Evening Sun (which serves the Greater Hanover and Gettysburg areas) reported on the change. FIRE President Greg Lukianoff told the paper that, with regard to the old policy, “[w]hen colleges pass codes so broad, every student can be found guilty of violating it on a regular basis. It leaves it up to the discretion of the school to enforce the policy as they choose.” The new policy, by contrast, is much clearer. Julie Ramsey, Gettysburg’s vice president for student life, told the paper that the new policy “lays out very clear definitions of what sexual misconduct is and how consent is defined.” It seems self-evident that any policy under which students can be punished should clearly define what constitutes wrongdoing, but better late than never!

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