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Professor Don Downs on ‘Unlearning Liberty’ in ‘Minding the Campus’

"The most disturbing implication of Unlearning Liberty is not that higher education often neglects to teach and practice liberty—though that is certainly bad enough—but that it is complicit in the very 'unlearning' of liberty."  

That's an excerpt from Professor Donald Downs' latest article, "FIRE Singes the Censors," at Minding the Campus. The article praises FIRE President Greg Lukianoff's new book Unlearning Liberty and the work we do at FIRE on a daily basis. 

You've heard lots about Unlearning Liberty on this blog, but the praise is particularly meaningful coming from Professor Downs, the Alexander Meiklejohn professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a real champion of free speech on campus. Downs has consistently been at the forefront of efforts to ensure that colleges and universities live up to their promises (and, in many instances, their legal obligations) to provide forums for robust and free dialogue. Professor Downs's review of Unlearning Liberty and his support for our work is greatly appreciated.

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