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Put Up a FIRE Widget, Get a Free T-Shirt or Mug

As we mentioned earlier in the week, FIRE now has not one but two widgets available for posting on your website or blog. The new Speech Code of the Month widget helps webmasters and bloggers draw attention to the egregious college speech code that FIRE has selected as its "Speech Code of the Month" (a dubious honor, to be sure). Publicizing these picks has led to substantial reform-since we started the feature two years ago, nine schools have changed their policies for the better! That's getting some real results-and it's only possible because people helped FIRE get the word out about repressive policies on these campuses. And if you e-mail us a link to your site with the widget on it, along with your address, we'll send you a FIRE mug for free

If you're concerned about your own alma mater, on the other hand (or one that lies in your future, for that matter!), the original Speech Code Widget is for you. You can pick any one of the 370+ schools in FIRE's Spotlight database and display a widget on your website or blog that will reveal the current state of speech codes on your favorite campus. (Here's Yale's, for example.) If FIRE changes the rating, the widget will change as well, so you don't have to worry about being out of date, and visitors who click on the widget will be taken right to FIRE's site to read more about the policies in place on that campus. If you e-mail us your mailing address and a link to your site for this one, you'll get a free FIRE T-shirt. 

Help us get the word out about speech codes on campus, and get clothes or kitchen items-you can't go wrong. These offers are good while supplies last.

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