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‘Quinnipiac Chronicle’ Just As Free As ‘The Quad News’

On Tuesday, I wrote that The Quad News at Quinnipiac University (QU) has started printing physical copies of its once-online-only publication. The Quad News was born out of problems with the administration trying to stifle the speech of the student newspaper The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

In an editorial yesterday, the Quinnipiac Chronicle recognized the new publication's presence on campus and pointed out that it has not had any issues with the QU administration since the incident in 2008:

Like The Quad News, the Chronicle has the right to free speech in its content and there is no censorship from any level on the work produced by students. The university's policy that caused the Chronicle to split in 2008 is no longer enforced, and has not been imposed in our editorial board's tenure.

While we are officially recognized by the university, this only means we receive funding from Quinnipiac in addition to the advertising revenue we raise.

We will continue to publish our content in a weekly print edition and also update our website 24/7.

I also received a phone call yesterday from Lenny Neslin, editor of the Quinnipiac Chronicle, clarifying that the newspaper can post its content online and in print without prior review from any QU administrator, including the newspaper's faculty adviser.

We at FIRE are glad to hear that free press is thriving at QU, and hope that the QU administration has now learned its lesson and will not make any more attempts to stifle free speech. And if the policy utilized in 2008 is still on the books but simply not enforced, it's time for QU to delete it entirely.

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