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Check out Nick Gillespie's post over at Reason blog 'Hit & Run' about FIRE's case at Lake Superior State College. Nick writes:

FIRE has always made a consistent argument (and has defended scholars and the right and the left) that public universities, precisely because they are government-sponsored, are totally bound by the First Amendment in ways that private universities are not necessarily (yeah, yeah, I understand that the line between public and private is totally nebulous given various funding issues ranging from federal research grants to Pell grants, etc).

I agree with that argument, and think that Crandall and all profs should be allowed to put whatever they want on their doors. Indeed, the whole point of going to college may be to expose kids to hostile environmentsor, rather, intellectual environments in which they are exposed to all sorts of perspectives and taught to think critically about every aspect of their lives.

Thank you, Nick. Torch readers, while you're over there, feel free to jump into the fray in the comments section. It seems some people, no matter what we do, will never understand FIRE or the principles for which we stand. For people who are sincerely interested in FIRE's issues and prefer their info in video form, I recommend our multimedia page, which includes an introduction to FIRE, our appearance on PBS's Voices of Vision series, and our video on the Valdosta State University case.

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