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Restore Liberty to Your Alma Mater with FIRE's 'Give Half' Campaign

Throughout the past month, colleges and universities have been welcoming alumni of all ages back to campus for homecoming celebrations. As alumni nationwide return to their alma maters, there's no better time to remind you about FIRE's Give Half for Liberty campaign. Whether or not you're a current donor to your alma mater, you can take part in FIRE's campaign and send a powerful message to administrators that you won't fully support your school until it protects free speech.

Even a small donation today can make a big impact: When you give to the campaign, FIRE will reach out to administrators at your school and provide them with the resources to restore freedom to their campuses. If you give at the $50 level, we'll even include a copy of our newest handbook for administrators, Correcting Common Mistakes in Campus Speech Policies.

If you are an alumnus or alumna, you have one of the most powerful voices for reforming your alma mater. When you tell administrators that you're withholding your support until they ensure that all students and professors on campus enjoy freedom of expression, they will listen. Make your voice heard by donating to FIRE's Give Half for Liberty campaign today!

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