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Rights in the News: FIRE Coming to a Bookstore Near You

This week we shared our excitement over the upcoming book New Threats to Freedom, to which FIRE President Greg Lukianoff has contributed a chapter on the sad phenomenon of "unlearning liberty" in our college student population. Greg joins forces with more than two dozen intellectuals, lawyers, authors, and artists (Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet among them) to tackle the major issues facing our liberties in the current century. New Threats to Freedom hits shelves May 18, and you can pre-order the book at

And if you want to go out with a weird story this week, see what Adam had to say when reached for comment by the Badger Daily Herald of the University of Wisconsin-Madison regarding Northern Arizona University's plan to use "proximity card readers" to monitor the classroom attendance of some of its students. Adam's comments were quickly picked up by Wired and IT World Canada, and he commented also this week for niche magazine Government Technology (the last of these is interested because the college is using funds from the federal stimulus bill to pay for the program). It's not often that FIRE can say we've truly never encountered something in the world of higher ed before, but this time we have. As for me, I would like to think that a call from my dad reminding me of all the cool toys he could have bought with my tuition money would be motivation enough to get to that 9:00 a.m. lecture.

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