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Rights in the News: As FIRE Follows Freedom of Association Case to Supreme Court, Other Free Speech Battles Rage

It's not every week that FIRE announces the filing of an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that will have crucial implications for students around the country, so first things first: Check out FIRE's brief in support of freedom of association in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez and see just what is at stake in this landmark case. And if you normally cringe at the thought of reading legal briefs, David French gives it a ringing endorsement at Phi Beta Conscalling it "chicken soup for the constitutional litigator's soul." Thanks to Students For Liberty for joining FIRE on the brief.

Also this week, Andrew Sullivan highlighted Greg's Reason article in his blog at The Atlantic. Don't just take Sullivan's word for it that Greg's piece is good readinggo to and check it out for yourself.

Meanwhile, at Pajamas Media, Robert covers the eyebrow-raising efforts of the University of Illinois (UI) administration to thwart a student group promoting the restoration of UI's former Chief Illiniwek mascot, as shown through e-mails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Mike Adams, at, chimes in on Temple University's efforts to collect extra fees from the student group that hosted Dutch politician Geert Wilders last fall. (The blog Pa Water Cooler has some additional commentary on it as well.) FIRE's case at the University of Minnesota is front-page stuff at the Education Reporter, and Erica Perez of California Watch covers FIRE's fight for freedom of the press at Los Angeles City College along with the Student Press Law Center via CALIFORNIAWatchBlog.

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