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Rights in the News: Minnesota Digs in as Media Piles on

I had planned to use this space to talk at length about the ever-growing media scrutiny of the University of Minnesota's plans to use a litmus test for prospective teachers in the College of Education and Human Developmenta public campaign led in large part by FIRE. I quickly realized, however, that Adam had already done a splendid job at that very thing just a couple of days ago. Suffice it to say, it's been quite a campaign. And as Adam's further writings on UM this week show, the university has so far chosen only to dig itself in deeperThe Torch, as always, will keep readers updated on the very latest news from UM.

Elsewhere, Will talked speech codes with FOX34 News in Lubbock, Texas. Ed Brayton blogged FIRE's new Spotlight on Speech Codes report, and he also takes a moment to say why he supports FIREand he's just one of the many to give their thanks to FIRE this season. I'll let this stand as a gentle reminder to all our supporters that it's never too late to give—and here's five good reasons why to consider it.

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