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Rights in the News: Old and New FIRE Cases Are Hot Topics

In addition to media interest in Temple and Michigan State Universities for their continuing failure to respect their students' First Amendment rights, FIRE this week is in the pages of the Los Angeles Times which, as I wrote yesterday, looks at Los Angeles City College's crusade to censor its Collegian student newspaper. Meanwhile, University of Delaware (UD) professor Jan Blits, marking an auspicious start for the new AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom, has written a new essay on UD's notorious residence hall thought reform program that has so much good material that we've covered it twice here at The Torch.

FIRE also has been documenting the troubled recent history of alumni-trustee relations at Dartmouth College.

If you're caught up with these cases, see also two good articles on the insanity of campus speech codes by Mark Bauerlein and Mike Adams, for Minding the Campus and Townhall.com, respectively. See also Bauerlein's latest dispatch on the University of Minnesota's heavily criticized redesign of its teacher education curriculum in the Chronicle of Higher Education online. Thanks to FIRE and ongoing national and local scrutiny, the aspects of the proposed program that would have violated individual rights are unlikely to be enacted. Among the latest to criticize the proposal are Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Steve Marsh in Mlps.St.Paul Magazine.

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