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Rights in the News: As Temple Falters, Yale 'Sissies' T-shirt Case Still Fascinates

Almost mystifyingly—given FIRE's track record handling security fee cases and a history of free speech embarrassments it should badly want to improve upon—Temple University has not yet seen fit to reverse its demand that the student group Temple University Purpose (TUP) pay hundreds of dollars in extra, unconstitutional security fees for hosting an event with controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders last fall. In addition to our coverage on The Torch, the case has been covered by the Washington Examiner, and Adam went on to discuss it as well. Certainly more is to come on this latest misstep at our city's largest public university. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Yale University seems to have finally admitted that a dean overplayed her hand in the withdrawal of the Yale College Freshman Class Council's T-shirt calling Harvard men "sissies." In addition to the Yale Daily News and Yale Alumni Magazine, the latest developments at Yale attracted the attention of a local NBC affiliate. (Also, in today's Washington Post crossword, clue 25 Across asks for a five-letter word for "Wuss." Answer? You guessed it. Outraged parties may direct their complaints to crossword writer Patrick Blindauer.)

Meanwhile, the Cornell Daily Sun, as Azhar wrote earlier in the week, has a thorough article on the upcoming Supreme Court review of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, which will take on the very important issue of freedom of association for ideological student groups on college campuses. Erica also writes this week about the positive ramifications for collegiate free speech portended by the Court's ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and the popular SCOTUSblog tips it here.

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