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Rights in the News: ‘Washington Post’ Article Shines Light on Stanford Ed’s Bullying Tactics

As we said in our press release today, The Washington Post's Jay Mathews has done us a service with his article on Stanford University's shameful treatment of former student Michele Kerr throughout her year in the School of Education's teacher education program, during which, among other things, the university tried to revoke its offer of admission to her and sought to force her to give administrators the password to her private blog. Fortunately, Kerr has graduated and found employment, and it's safe to alert the public to her travails. Read Mathews' article and our press release for more.

While I'm on the topic of universities behaving badly, FIRE's case defending Professor Donald Hindley at Brandeis University served as fodder for FIRE Advisor Wendy Kaminer's blog in The Atlantic, in which she discusses the case of a politician facing controversy over the context of a conversation in which she used the word "nigger." Do take the time to read it—as well as her Atlantic blog on Truth v. Kent and her stirring keynote address at this year's Campus Freedom Network Conference, if you haven't.

Finally, go to Phi Beta Cons and check out David French's thoughts on the recent injunction against the overbearing speech code of the Los Angeles Community College District, spurred on by Will's top-notch analysis of the ruling and its implications.

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