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Robert in ‘Daily Caller’

Our very own Robert Shibley has an op-ed in The Daily Caller exposing a number of recent anti-speech actions at American universities. Here's a taste:

With college prices higher than ever, student loan debt north of a trillion dollars, and increasing talk of a higher education "bubble" similar to the housing and dot-com bubbles of recent years, American universities can ill afford more of this expensive, counterproductive, and frequently unlawful totalitarianism. It's time campus administrators stopped worrying about what students say while on campus and started worrying more about what they'll say when they're asked if they still want to support those campuses after they've graduated.

Indeed, we had hoped that colleges would have realized by now that violating the First Amendment is untenably expensive, both to their reputations and their pocketbooks, but apparently not. Take a look at Robert's article!

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