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Robert in 'Pajamas Media' on Pamphleteering and Political Correctness

In his latest article for Pajamas Media, Robert criticizes the censorship of Ethel Borel-Donohue at Sinclair Community College (SCC). Torch readers will remember that Borel-Donohue was banned from distributing literature on abortion, birth control, and breast cancer to her classmates after class. Robert presents the evidence that SCC censored Borel-Donahue not because of its unconstitutional ban on distributing flyers (see Section IV.3), but because she was advocating viewpoints that the school deemed to be politically incorrect. Robert compares Borel-Donohue's case to one at Princeton Theological Seminary, where a circulated pamphlet comparing the abortion rate in African-American communities to genocide prompted the seminary's dean of student life to require administrative approval for all future literature.

To read more about how public and private universities are slowly eroding away some of America's most cherished freedoms, Torch readers are strongly encouraged to check out Robert's piece in its entirety.

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