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Robert in PJ Media on Limbaugh-Fluke Campus Fallout

In his most recent PJ Media article, FIRE's Robert Shibley reported on the campus fallout from the recent kerfuffle about radio commentator Rush Limbaugh's comments about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. University of Rochester (UR) economics professor Steven Landsburg took to his blog to partially defend Limbaugh's comments and discuss the economic issues behind the demand that Catholic universities cover birth control in their insurance policies, leading Joel Seligman, UR's president, to release a statement condemning Landsburg's comments.

Robert points out that while Seligman had the right to disagree with Landsburg's posts (but not punish him for them), doing so might not be wise in the long run: "Once a university president takes the position that some expression (like Landsburg's) is beyond the pale, that president risks looking like a political hack when he or she fails to condemn equally controversial statements from the other side of the political spectrum." Robert also chastises UR for allowing at least 17 students to disrupt Landsburg's class in protest, without any consequences, calling this action "a textbook example of ‘mob censorship.'" Click through to read Robert's analysis of UR's disappointing actions. 

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