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Robert Shibley Calls on Governor McDonnell to Embrace Freedom of Association in ‘The Daily Caller’

In a new article for The Daily Caller, FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley calls on Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to stand up for pluralism and freedom of association on campus by signing a bill that prohibits "all-comers" policies at the state's colleges and universities.

As Torch readers will recall, all-comers policies require that student organizations admit any student as a member or officer, regardless of whether they disagree with or are even hostile to the group's beliefs. After the Supreme Court's 2010 ruling in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, holding that all-comers policies maintained by public universities do not violate the First Amendment rights of student groups, all-comers policies have begun to surface at schools across the country. In his article, Robert urges Governor McDonnell to stand up for freedom of association on Virginia's campuses and to stem the tide of the Martinez decision by signing the sorely needed legislation into law. For more, visit The Daily Caller.

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