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RUF Initiates Re-affiliation Process at Brown

A few weeks back, FIRE reported that Brown University suspended the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) without adequate explanation. Following Brown’s recent letter outlining the necessary procedure for gaining re-affiliation and the university’s statement vowing to “assist RUF in taking the necessary steps to have its affiliation restored,” the RUF has taken the first steps toward full reinstatement. The group submitted the necessary affiliation request and has written a letter to Janet Cooper Nelson, Director of the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life (OCRL), stating that “RUF, its members and leaders, desire not only re-affiliation with the OCRL, but also a respectful and transparent relationship.” The letter also requests that Brown “be as specific as possible in helping us to understand where, in your estimation, we have fallen short so that we may be more careful in the future.”

RUF has requested a meeting with Cooper Nelson and Allen Callahan, the OCRL representative who said the group had cultivated a “culture of contempt.” As the RUF said in the letter, “it does seem that a good next step would be to have the right combination of people meeting face-to-face in an effort to continue our process toward a satisfactory resolution.” The group hopes to receive a response about a meeting by this week.

The ball is now in Brown’s court; we’ll see if they’re serious about resolving the suspension.

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