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So to Speak podcast: The British free speech invasion

The British free speech invasion is here. Our friends from the current affairs magazine spiked have traveled across the pond to host “Unsafe Space,” an all-star free speech tour of American college campuses.

On today’s episode of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, we catch up with spiked editors Tom Slater and Ella Whelan in New Jersey to chat about the tour, which kicks off next week in Washington, D.C. We also discuss developments overseas, including spiked’s latest free speech rankings of campuses in the United Kingdom and the implications of Brexit for free expression.

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You can now register for the first “Unsafe Space” event, which takes place next Thursday, Sept. 28 at American University. The event covers “feminism, sex, and censorship on campus,” and will feature FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley.

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