‘So to Speak’ podcast: Hugh Hefner, free speech scrapbooker

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‘So to Speak’ podcast: Hugh Hefner, free speech scrapbooker

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Did you know Hugh Hefner holds the Guinness World Record for owning the largest personal scrapbook collection in the world?

When he was not building the global Playboy empire, he spent his Saturdays compiling more than 3,000 scrapbooks, chronicling free speech and press issues during his lifetime.

Stuart N. Brotman, professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, was granted exclusive access to Hefner’s scrapbooks. On today’s episode, he talks about what he found and about his new book, “The First Amendment Lives On: Conversations Commemorating Hugh M. Hefner's Legacy of Enduring Free Speech and Free Press Values.” Read the full transcript.

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