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‘So to Speak’ Podcast: Ken White of ‘Popehat’ Talks Nat Hentoff, Worst Censors of 2016

Ken White has made a name for himself in First Amendment circles for his particularly astute and often comical commentary on free speech issues for the popular “law, liberty, and leisure” blog Popehat.

An attorney by day, Ken likes to use his considerable legal chops—he’s a 1994 graduate of Harvard Law School—to take a rhetorical axe to what he sees as facile arguments in favor of censorship.

Ken is our guest on today’s episode of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast. We talk with him about his list of the worst censors of 2016 and spend some time remembering the life of a giant in the free speech world, Nat Hentoff, who passed away this past weekend. Ken also explains how he successfully uses the “Popehat Signal” to rally attorneys to provide pro bono assistance to people wrapped up in free speech legal battles.

FIRE also did a short video interview with Ken back in 2015, which you can watch here or over on FIRE’s YouTube page.

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