Table of Contents brings to us a disturbing story from Laramie County Community College in Wyoming, where a student says that administrators took some troubling actions to prevent his Campus Conservatives group from holding an "affirmative action bake sale" protest on campus:

Once the university realized that my event would expose their racial preferencing policies, I was called into the dean's office of campus living and learning. I was told that what I was doing was border line racist and harassment. They said I would be better off not doing the bake sale at all. The dean even called the faculty advisor for my group and convinced her to quit.

Admittedly, this is not quite as severe as what happened at FIRE Red Alert school Bucknell University, where administrators actually shut down an affirmative action bake sale using bogus excuses that are disproven on tape. Indeed, the student, Jake Dagel, was ultimately able to have his protest. But if administrators at the college did indeed pressure the group's advisor to quit because of the group's planned event, that's a clear attempt at censorship. (Especially considering that on many campuses, groups cannot maintain official recognition and access to university resources without an advisor.) FIRE is investigating the situation.

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