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A Special FIRE Giveaway You Don’t Want to Miss!

As we posted throughout last week, FIRE is excited about the recent release of Templeton Press' compilation New Threats to Freedom, which features a chapter by FIRE's very own Greg Lukianoff. In the book—which hit shelves on May 18—Greg joins twenty-nine other leading intellectuals to discuss cultural trends that are undermining our liberties. Greg's chapter, "Students Against Liberty?", explores the long-term consequences of campus censorship, speech codes, and the failure to educate students about the importance of free speech.

I'm excited to announce that in celebration of the book's release, FIRE will be giving away copies autographed by Greg to anyone who donates $50 or more. This giveaway will only go on as long as our supply lasts, so make sure you don't miss out—donate today to get your signed copy! (Just be sure to include a note when you donate letting us know you'd like a copy of the book.)

Greg's chapter in New Threats to Freedom brings FIRE's issues to the forefront of an important public conversation and emphasizes how essential it is that the public pay attention to what's happening on our nation's campuses. Cases like that of former Washington State University student Chris Lee—whose story Greg highlights in his chapter, and which you can catch a preview of here—occur all too frequently on campuses across the country, and our nation will face dire long-term consequences should we choose to ignore such abuses of our fundamental freedoms.

Donate $50 today, and you'll be able to read more about this and other threats to liberty in your autographed copy of New Threats to Freedom. And not only will you learn all about the trials faced by Chris Lee and others like him, but also with your donation, FIRE will be able to continue to defend students like Chris against unjust censorship and administrative abuses of power.

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