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Check out the provocative article by Bruce Thornton over at He notes, as we have, that students and alumni are paying ever more for the privilege of being censored. So what should you do when you receive that call from the alumni association asking you to support your alma mater, which in all likelihood maintains a speech code or has some shameful history of repression? Thornton recommends:
[T]ell them no, hang up, and send a check instead to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, or the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, or the National Association of Scholars, or anyone else committed to restoring higher education to its true purpose: teaching young people how to be free citizens with independent minds.
Thank you, Bruce! If FIRE had even the tiniest fraction of the amount of money people reflexively give to their alma mater, we could do so much more to change campuses for the better. If you would like to know more about donating to FIRE, please visit our support page.

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