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SPLC: ‘Student Media Experts React to Governors State University Ruling’

Check out the Student Press Law Center’s latest article on the troubling decision in Hosty v. Carter.

Addressing commentators who do not see to the decision as particularly threatening to free speech on campus I was quoted, ‘Far, far smaller loopholes with regards to the First Amendment rights of students have been exploited to censor what used to be considered clearly protected speech.’

The article continues:

Lukianoff said free speech on college campuses needs broad protections, because if ambiguity exists, people will capitalize on that and try to silence uncomfortable or unagreeable speech. “As much as people like to think they value free speech, as soon as there’s a loophole that people can take advantage of to silence their critics or opinions they think are wrong, they will jump on them,” he said. “This opinion creates tremendous opportunities for administrators and other students who want to infantilize students or deny them their basic rights.”

We will be elaborating on what is so wrong with the Hosty in upcoming posts. To learn more about FIRE’s previous involvement in the case click here.

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