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Student Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Occidental College After College Censored Speech and Dissolved Student Government

Big news in the Occidental College case!

LOS ANGELES, March 15, 2005—Today, former student Jason Antebi sued Occidental College in Los Angeles for millions of dollars for maliciously violating his basic rights and those of the entire student community. In spring 2004, Occidental administrators fired Antebi from his position as host of a popular student radio program and found him guilty of sexual harassment for satirical jokes he made on the air. Occidental then used the controversy as a pretext for dissolving the entire student government (of which Antebi was a vice president) and assuming control of nearly half a million dollars in funding from student fees. When the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) took up Antebi’s case, the college began an aggressive and far-reaching campaign of false accusations and misrepresentations to justify its actions.

For more background in this amazing case also check out my ongoing series “Occidental College’s Ongoing Shame.” The latest installment can be found here.

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