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Student's Career Threatened After School Punishes Him for Profanity Outside of Class (VIDEO)

In 2010, Isaac Rosenbloom complained to a fellow student after his Oral Communications class that a grade he received on an assignment was "going to fuck up [his] entire GPA." Rosenbloom's professor at Hinds Community College in Mississippi overheard the comment, threatened him with "detention" (which Hinds, like most colleges, did not have), and submitted a disciplinary complaint to the school. Rosenbloom—a husband and father of two children—was found guilty of "flagrant disrespect" and involuntarily withdrawn from the class, causing him to lose his financial aid eligibility and threatening his paramedic training. With FIRE's help, Rosenbloom was able to obtain assistance from attorneys Robert B. McDuff and Sibyl Byrd, who helped secure a settlement in his favor.

"If it wasn't for FIRE," says Rosenbloom in our latest video, "I wouldn't have a career. I would be delivering pizzas instead of saving lives."

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