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Supreme Court Extends Deadline in ‘Hosty v. Carter’ Case

Here is the latest update on the Hosty v. Carter case from our friends over at the Student Press Law Center:

November 28, 2005

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Supreme Court has given attorneys for an Illinois college administrator sued for censoring the school’s student newspaper another month to file a response to the students’ petition asking the Court to hear the case.

The deadline for a response from former Governors State University Dean Patricia Carter was set for today, but it has been pushed back to Dec. 28, according to the Supreme Court’s Web site. Because of the new deadline, the Court will not make a decision about whether or not to hear the case until early 2006.

Well, so much for getting a grant of certiorari in time for the holidays. I guess we will just have to wait another month to see GSU’s response. I am dying to see their arguments.

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