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With a Surge of New Members, the Campus Freedom Network Surpasses 1,000 Members

Over the holiday weekend, many new registrations for the Campus Freedom Network poured in from colleges and universities around the country. We breezed past our goal of 1,000 members. As we promised a couple of weeks ago, we will be celebrating this achievement by rewarding our 1,000th member with a CFN prize pack containing a FIRE sweatshirt and baseball cap, a copy of Indoctrinate U, and a copy of The Shadow University autographed by FIRE co-founders Harvey Silverglate and Alan Charles Kors.

The winner is Josh Freedman '11, a sophomore from Stanford University. He attended a lecture by FIRE President Greg Lukianoff last month at Stanford Law School, where he learned about the Campus Freedom Network. As he explained in his registration form:

We are starting a pro-free speech and pro-student freedom coalition here at Stanford and FIRE agrees 100% with our goals. We think that FIRE and the CFN will be extremely helpful in advancing our mutual cause.

We look forward to working with Josh and hundreds of other engaged student and faculty CFN members as we head into the new year. With their help, we hope to redouble our efforts to restore the spirit of free expression and unfettered discourse to the modern academy.

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