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Thanks to You, the CFN Gift Fund Reached Its Goal!

Since October, we have been calling on you to donate to FIRE's CFN Gift Fund to support our Campus Freedom Network and to help make this year's student conference possibleand you rose to the occasion. Today, I'm happy to report that thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the CFN Gift Fund has not only reached but surpassed its goal of $25,000!

Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause. Because of you, 51 students were able to attend the second annual CFN Conference, where they learned about their rights on campus and acquired valuable skills and resources that they will take back to their campuses with them in the fall. Last year's conference attendees almost immediately began spreading awareness and creating changelobbying administrators, reforming campus policies, and recruiting even more CFN members to join the fight to restore liberty to campuses nationwide. All of us at FIRE are excited to see what this year's conference attendees will do in the fall, and we look forward to keeping you updated!

Your generosity not only made the second annual CFN conference possible, it has also helped the CFN to become an increasingly powerful force for policy reform on campus. With your support, the CFN has grown to 3,000 members on more than 1,000 campuses across the nationand we're still growing. With each new member, another voice joins the call for liberty on campus, and with each new voice, the demand for change becomes harder and harder to ignore. Thank you!

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