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In Today's 'Wall Street Journal': University Finds Student Guilty of Sexual Assault While Police Charge Accuser for Lying About It

In a stark demonstration of the failure of campus judicial procedures, the University of North Dakota (UND) has found a student guilty of sexual assault despite the fact that local police refused to charge him with a crime and instead charged his accuser for lying about the incident. Former student Caleb Warner has been banned by UND from stepping foot on any state public campus for three years. Meanwhile, his accuser has been wanted by the Grand Forks Sheriff's Department for more than a year on the charge of making a false report to law enforcement. Warner has turned to FIRE to help remedy this injustice.

Click here for FIRE's full press release on this subject, and here for a Wall Street Journal article regarding Caleb Warner's case, written by FIRE Co-founder and Chairman Harvey Silverglate.

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