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UMass Chancellor Wonders Why College Coverage Is So Negative

Two days ago, University of Massachusetts Amherst Chancellor Robert Holub wrote a letter to the editor of The Boston Globe complaining that the Globe's coverage of UMass is "unrelentingly negative." Maybe the various "challenges" UMass is facing are arising because it is the sort of place that would pass a speech code so bad that FIRE selected it today as our Speech Code of the Year. (And the Globe didn't even point that out, since we hadn't announced it yet!) If Holub wants his campus' image to improve, perhaps he should start by changing its absurd and unconstitutional policy of allowing one hour of "free" speech per day, in one place, with five days' advance notice. UMass will have to do something differently, anyway, because while censoring 18-year-old students might be easy, getting the Globe and other newspapers to stop their "negative" coverage will prove much tougher.

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