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University of Delaware Reeducation Program’s Ringleader Becomes ACPA Vice President

When a university administrator egregiously violates someone's rights, you might expect negative consequences. At Valdosta State University, for example, the president who expelled a student because of the student's environmental activism not only took an earlier than expected retirement, but has also lost his qualified immunity in a federal lawsuit and is personally liable for damages as a result.

So what happened to Kathleen Kerr, the ringleader of the infamous University of Delaware indoctrination scheme (video) that subjected nearly all of the university's freshmen to a highly invasive, ideological, coercive, mandatory reeducation program? She laid low for a few years, and now she has been elected vice president of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), which apparently approves of such people and programs.

And the University of Delaware is proud of it!

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