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University of Delaware Student Editorial Supports FIRE

Today’s issue of The Review, the University of Delaware’s student newspaper, has four stories about the Residence Life reeducation program, plus two letters to the editor and an editorial supporting FIRE’s position. The editors seem to understand the issues:

While the program may have had good intentions, its execution was inappropriate and culpability falls on Residence Life and on the resident assistants who allowed themselves to be used as unquestioning instruments of the program and its ideology.
Additionally, the type of language used by Residence Life staff and printed in its own educational materials promotes a position that is unacceptable at a public institution. …
[I]f residents feel they are being pressured into an activity that they do not agree or feel comfortable with, such pressure is unacceptable. …
If the university mandates that every freshman live on-campus, and these residences become part of a grander educational scheme, then freshmen have no escape from the ideologies put forth in the Residence Life programs. This approach is invasive and encroaches on the privacy of all residents. …
In such an environment, providing a perceived intolerant answer or one that deviates from Residence Life’s stance can lead to isolation from the floor community and tension with the RA.

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