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Upcoming Book ‘New Threats to Freedom’ Features Chapter by FIRE President

On May 18, Templeton Press will publish a book that is sure to be widely talked about for some time to come—New Threats to Freedom. Assembled by HarperCollins Vice President and Executive Editor Adam Bellow, the book includes chapters from a startling number of luminaries including playwright David Mamet, journalist Christopher Hitchens, University of Chicago law professor Richard Epstein, author (and FIRE Board of Advisors member) Christina Hoff Sommers, blogger Glenn Reynolds, and FIRE's own president, Greg Lukianoff. Greg's chapter entitled "Students Against Liberty?" warns readers about the impending threat to American freedom from those students who have been miseducated by our colleges and universities to believe that free speech is simply too dangerous and "offensive" to be allowed.

The book's website,, contains a thorough list of all of the authors and the threats about which they have written. In his introduction, Editor Adam Bellow states that the goal of the book is to "reinvigorate an old discourse about freedom that went out of style with the Cold War." In this vein, the threats to freedom listed in the book are many and varied. From Reason senior editor Michael Moynihan's essay on "The Anticapitalists," to Peter Berkowitz's contribution on "The New Dogma of Fairness," to the contributions from all of the authors listed above, there is sure to be food for thought in every chapter for those concerned about American liberty. Just like on the college campus, there is room in the "marketplace of ideas" in the book for divergent views and a healthy spirit of debate. While most of the topics covered in the book are not FIRE issues or are only tangentially related to freedom in academia, FIRE is always glad to see an exercise in advancing ideas and robust debate, and we are proud to be part of the prestigious intellectual group that the authors of this book represent.

New Threats to Freedom can be preordered at, and FIRE will feature more about the book upon its release. We encourage everyone concerned about liberty to preorder or show your support by "liking" the book's Facebook page.

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