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Video of Hayden Barnes and Valdosta State on FOX News

Those who have been following the outrageous treatment of Hayden Barnes by Valdosta State University in Georgia will not be surprised to see that his story has hit the national news. Yesterday evening, in a full-length segment on FOX News's Special Report with Brit Hume, Hayden was interviewed about his experienceafter all, being kicked out of school for encouraging environmental awareness in an online collage is still a pretty unusual event (and let's hope it stays that way!). The report does a great job of covering the events as well as the issues in the case, and the video can be viewed at the top of the page. The shot of Valdosta State's tiny "free speech zone" is particularly helpful for understanding the extent of the university's apparent hostility towards free speechand remember, it can only be used for two hours a day!

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