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Video: ‘The State of Free Speech in America’ with Lukianoff, Fish, Rauch, Posner, Rosen

This Tuesday, FIRE hosted an event focused on “The State of Free Speech in America” at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. An exciting panel of the country’s leading free speech scholars debated and discussed the big questions surrounding the nature and role of freedom of expression. Dr. Stanley Fish of the Cardozo School of Law, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education President Greg Lukianoff, University of Chicago Law School Professor Eric Posner, and Jonathan Rauch of the Brookings Institution participated in the discussion, and National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen moderated.

Over 150 people packed into Kirby Auditorium at the National Constitution Center expecting a spirited discussion. And spirited it was! The panelists covered a wide range of topics, from international norms to academic freedom to the role of internet service providers in determining speech protections. Participants staked out divergent positions, which made for an energetic evening. The biggest complaint was that the program was too short.

Check out the video recording of the complete event!

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