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VIDEO: Students Pass Out Constitutions on Constitution Day, Campus Does Not Implode

Citrus College in California, like many other colleges and universities around the country, enacted policies to quarantine student speech to a tiny—and unconstitutional—“free speech area.” Last year, student Vincenzo Sinapi-Riddle was even threatened with removal from campus by an administrator for asking a fellow student to sign a petition protesting NSA surveillance of American citizens outside the college’s “free speech area.” That’s why FIRE announced a lawsuit against Citrus College this July, challenging this policy and others that limited free speech on campus. The college has put enforcement of its unconstitutional speech codes on hold while litigation is in process. In this new video shot yesterday, Constitution Day 2014, you can see the result: not a chaotic campus, but one where students are free to express themselves and engage in real debate and discussion.

FIRE will have more on events from Constitution Day later this afternoon.

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